Embracing Agile


Some of my favorite things to explore in workplace design are spaces that truly embrace the idea of an agile work environment. It isn't easy to convert a workforce to remote work and unassigned seating, however, if people can really wrap their heads around the idea that work is a place for collaboration, teamwork and building relationships, the space that supports that work changes dramatically.  When I discovered Trend Micro's office in Singapore, it was pretty obvious that they are really embracing new ways of working. 

Trend Micro is a global cyber security company, with offices around the world.  Their focus was to create a human-centric work place, that focused on collaboration, connection and well-being of their staff and guests.  You can catch the full story at Office Snapshots, but take a look at what designing for human performance looks like in the images below. 

As you move through the office space, you can see how thoughtfully curated the environment is. Meeting rooms that reflect their global culture, and themed by various cities.  Art work, furniture and artifacts sourced from the regions in which they operate. Access to state of the art technology in some areas, while other places are devoid of any tech, to support a more serene space that allows for meaningful discussions and less distractions.

DesignerM Moser Associates
PhotographyOwen Raggett

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