Kyoto, Japan


We are planning the most incredible trip this summer, and I am completely overwhelmed and excited about it. We are taking a full 4 weeks to travel far off to the other side of the world.  We start in Japan, rest in Maldives and wrap up in Spain. I have been planning itineraries, making lists of things to do, what to pack, where to eat, and how to manage it all with a family. But you know, something tells me it's all going to work out.

Since we aren't really city folk, one of the highlights for us is spending a week in Kyoto. It has all the charm of an ancient city, it's surrounded by lush greenery, and it won't be nearly as packed as Tokyo.  There is a bamboo forest to explore, beautiful temples and gardens, museums, and theatre, and food, so much food to eat!  So here is a little Kyoto teaser, for me and for you. I am sure I will have plenty to report when I get back. 

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