Classic Woods and Whites


 It has been a long time since I went rummaging through the website pages of my favorite designer Mariette Himes Gomez of Gomez Associates. Thank goodness, I had this random urge to see if the site had been updated because I discovered some beautiful new projects. In particular this beauty, known only as Candela Duplex, which I am going to assume is somewhere in New York. 

This is really Gomez's signature style; crisp white and the warmest almost golden woods. Don't even try to mimic this yourself, because it won't work. There is genius behind the paint finishes, the trim details, the placement of art and and antique furnishings and the styling of shelves. It's layers and layers of hand picked simple and elegant style. The living room above actually has a paint application on it designed to look like wood, how brilliant.  Below, in my dream dining room,which of course, should be used as an office, a beautiful dining set.  Anywhere else, it might look tired,  but here it sits perfectly with a crisp and clean backdrop.

 This kitchen is everything! In a world where everyone is painting cabinets navy blue, and yellow and green.  Gomez opts for rich walnut, a fresh take on the all white kitchen. A few images below, the most delightful master bedroom. Staying true to her paired down roots, all white, nothing overstated, but a beautifully crafted iron canopy bed, and antique chest and standing clock.  

I will leave you to explore the rest, but I tell you, I have got some serious home envy.

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