Hidden Stories


Hold Course

Stumbling on a painting by Tracie Cheng is like falling in love with the opening paragraph of a new book. Only now, the story is yours to dream up. I am not sure if the images are those of a life unraveling or coming together. Is it a beginning or an ending?  I only feel an organic transition, and the cusp of change. Either way, what perfect inspiration to kick off a New Year.

Naturally,  I had to dig into this artists life, and I was lucky enough to find a blog called Canvas, and a feature called Inside the Studio, that answered some great questions. I wasn't surprised to learn that much of Tracie's inspiration comes from natural phenomenons. However,  I was delighted to read that this all started with a love of topographical maps. Yes, maps! All those beautiful intricate lines, creating depth and dimension.  

Hop over to Canvas if you care to read a little more about Tracie, but more importantly, hop over to Tracie's site, to explore some more of these beautiful works.

The Watching

From Above


The Divide

Scattered Remnants

Always Waiting

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