Workplace Favourite: The Lagunitas Lounge


I have to admit that I am obsessed with this Sofa Lounge. It's called the Lagunitas, designed by Coalesse/Steelcase, and believe it or not, its intended for the office. It doesn't look or feel like your typical office lounge, and that is exactly the point! I am lucky enough to get to sit in one of these, because I am at the Steelcase showroom often enough, and it's my favorite place to work. 
 Maybe because it's nestled in the work cafe, and every time I park there, someone is sure to stop by and say hello. Maybe it's because I am usually hauling into Toronto form the suburbs, and it's a comfortable seat after an hour commute. It could also be the exceptional view form the 24th floor.  But mostly I think it's because it's designed to allow for a couple of different postures. Whether it's lean back and think, or sit up and type, I get a lot accomplished in this cozy corner.  The seat actually articulates into a more supportive position when you need to sit up and focus. It even comes with a privacy screen, so you don't feel like someone is breathing down your neck.  Obsessed, I tell you. I am considering one for home.  Maybe just the private one like below.

Your Truly, Vitania

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