Castle on the Hill


We went to Scotland this summer, and it was a dream vacation. It was our first big trip overseas. Just the four of us. A long overdue getaway for my family after a few challenging years.  I was so excited to finally be out of the chaos and to get to enjoy some time away from work and emails.  Excited to tear the kids away from video games, and tablets. Excited to take a break from cooking and errands.  Excited to be out exploring new lands. Scotland turned out to be everything we needed and more. Long drives on beautiful country roads, plenty of great little restaurants to eat at, discovering castles on hills and quaint little villages.  

We were there for 3 weeks withing July and August. (the last week actually spent in England)  We flew into Glasgow, and then rented a car, and drove all the way through Glencoe to Inverness, Then wound back down the East side to St. Andrews and Edinburgh.  We fell in love with peace and tranquility. We actually drove all the way down to York England, another fascinating little town, dropped off the car and spent the rest of the trip on a train. The weather was cool, but perfect for exploring. A couple of rainy days that couldn't spoil our fun either. 

All the images below are mine. It was impossible to take a bad picture. Every corner was a post card.

Can't wait for our next adventure.

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