Seaside Cottage


Everybody needs a little escape that is far enough to get away from the city noise, but close enough to invite your loved ones for peace and tranquility. Although, I think peace and tranquility is hard to achieve during the fun sunny days of summer. Stumbled upon this breathtaking cottage over on Skona Hem. This place has everything going for it, just by location alone: a sweet little hill top over looking the sea. But when you add smart design, it really takes things to the next level. For starters, the sofa seating for the kitchen table. Forget banquette you get a sofa! I think this is brilliant, I almost want it in my home now! The house has a crisp aesthetic, but it's surrounded by beautiful gardens, so every wall invites the outside in. If you are lucky enough to be a guest at this house, you get a cottage to yourself. Check out the quaint guest house located at the highest point of the property. 

All Images Skona Hem

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