Mid Century Marvel


I am not sure if it boils down to nostalgia, or the shift in this era of design, but the mid-century modern period is an endless source of inspiration.  In Garrison, New York, where this property lies, design duo 2Michaels carefully curated this statement interior to ensure the endless views and breathtaking landscape would remain the focus.

The house, designed by Edgar A Tafel, who was mentored by Frank Lloyd Wright,is a beautiful reflection of the natural house, and the seamless transition from indoors to out. Set upon a rocky lot, with surrounding views of the Hudson River, there was no denying the interiors of this home had to reflect it's incredible surroundings and aesthetic. The homeowner worked closely with Jayne and Joan Michaels to preserve the integrity of the design by selecting vintage furnishings,  mixed carefully with updated pieces.  The result is minimalist with maximum impact.
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