Light Me Up!


Finding the perfect fixture can be a little overwhelming.  Just look up at a lighting store and it's one beautiful piece after another. Lighting design changes so quickly so the trick is to get something you  you really love with a hint of different, because something fabulous is around every corner.  

Here are my picks for fabulous lighting that you won't tire of any time soon.  The perfect mix of a beautiful classic with interesting lines.

1. Niche modern Aurora Pendant
Hand made blown glass by local NY glass artisans. I picked the smokey finish, but you will faint when you see the perfect colours they are available in.

2. Lindsay Adelman Branch Light
I am falling for this organic cluster, but it comes in various configurations

3. Dozier Chandelier by Peyton Avrett
So simple and elegant, but makes a real statement.  It's available 2 feet wide and 42" High.  

4. Tulip Decanter Light by Lee Broom
This hand cut crystal classic will sparkle with delight.  A variety of shapes can hang in clusters for a beautiful centerpiece.

5. Ouef pendant by Barry Dixon
This elegant piece is beautiful in any setting. The lines are simply superb with mixed metals, and blown glass orb in the center.  I think this one is my favorite! 

And there you have it! A simple selection of lights that light me up!

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