Friday Furniture Fix with Modern Blues


It's Friday and I can't think of a better day to get my furniture fix.  I have been obsessing over these modern pieces for some time. Despite my love of the classics, these beautifully crafted furnishings feed my love mixing old and new worlds!   Rich velvet blue, warm walnut and sophisticated gold! Here are some of my recent favorites! 
1. Elevate Walnut Bookcase by Crate and Barrel
This piece is a walnut veneer and not solid walnut but I am a huge fan of thee lines and the warmth this piece can give a room.

2. Lindsay Adelman Branching Light Fixture
The scale and organic nature of this piece make it a real interesting focal point for any room.  Especially important when  you are trying to inject little modern into a space.

3.  Gus Modern Margot Sofa in Midnight Velvet
This sofa is everything and more! Despite being plush and velvet it's beautifully tailored.  Brass feet add a hint of luxe. 

4. Coffee table from Black Rooster Decor
Such a simple design and yet incredible impact.
5. I Dream of Agate Mirror by John Richard
I posted about my love of agate back in 2012 and I more than delighted to see it make it's way into the design world in art,accessories and lighting.  This piece is 50" x 50" and no doubt a show stopper! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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