Tis the Season


I always love the look and smell of a house that is decorated for the holidays.  I often wish we could keep the greenery up all year long. It's probably why I gravitate more towards holiday trimmings that can endure the season. In Canada, that means October to January. I might get tired of the glitter, but I am totally up for keeping a simple green wreath up right through to February.  As you would imagine, I am seriously admiring the florals in this holiday home.  Beautiful green wreaths, cedar garland, a giant ball of magnolia leaves, and white orchids thrown in the mix of, A simple and subtle selection to say 'tis the season. The trick is to get the typical Christmas colours, with not so typical arrangements. It also helps if the backdrop for your decor  has the charm and character of this fabulous country house. 

Happy Decorating! 

Photos are via Jean Allsopp 
Interior Design (unknown) 
(if anyone recognizes these please let me know, so I can give proper credit)

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