Bright Holiday House


I love this tree. I love that it reminds me of my childhood with every colour imaginable hanging off it. I love that it matches nothing in the rest of the house, I love that I can't see the tacky ornaments that have been collected over the years that make for great memories.( I just know they are there). I love that blue ornament that is just popping out at me that doesn't look like it belongs, but has earned his spot on the annual Christmas tree. Every year I struggle with the tree, because my heart wants a perfectly colour coordinated tree, and my kids want to fill it with home made crafts, and as many colours as possible.  This year, I am giving in and letting the tree take a life of it's own.  

This beautiful and elegant home belongs to interior designer Beth Ervin, and her family,  It's filled with delightful treasures, given a new life in a modern, bright and elegant setting.  And well you all know how much I love green, so of course, I am taking many cues. The collections of green glazed pottery is killing me with fabulous. And although we don't have a full view of the dining room rug, it has my full attention.  

Happy Decorating

All Images from Atlanta Homes Magazine

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