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You know I love a house with a good story. Well this one is no exception. Interior Designer Betsy Morgan owns the kind of NYC town house that you and I dream about. The one with all the original architecture that I desperately try to salvage, and the one where I can feature gorgeous and ridiculously expensive furniture on every wall. So beautiful is this home that it is often on loan to magazines, and fashion photographers who need the perfect backdrop for their shoot.   

The home is actually two town houses put together, and when they started the renovating instead of closing up the original door opening, Morgan had the brilliant idea of making this sweet little shoe closet. Complete with a full size mirror mounted on the door. 

The detailing on both Fireplace mantels are just fabulous. The choice to keep the overall aesthetic minimalist really allows you to soak in the beauty.  Now here is the really interesting part. The home is actually 3 levels, and where the upper two did have many salvageable traits, the complete opposite occurred on the main floor, where Morgan decided to take a completely different direction and made a modern and serene space. I have to say, I admire that she wasn't afraid to break a few design rules when she created a space that had very different styles just a staircase apart. This is a bit of a departure from design that mixes old and new, because it really allows you to fully explore and contrast one style versus another.   

Photos originating from DOMAINE HOME

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