A Chance to Shine!


I am so excited to share some amazing news for any of you lucky designers heading out to High Point Market in October. Most of you probably already know Lisa Ferguson, who is an incredibly talented designer, but also a strength mentor to many a woman who has been struggling to find the right balance of managing a demanding design business. Lisa, is a force whose wise words will resonate with you for years to come. She is a fully trained StrengthsFinder Coach who will help you connect dots to your success like you never imagined possible. I am truly lucky and PROUD to call her a friend, our lunch and dinner dates are filled with energizing conversations!  

Lisa Ferguson show us her strengths!! 

OK - so here is the deal.  Lisa partnered with another force, who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, but hope to soon, Gail Doby of Design Success University. Gail has been helping interior designers build their businesses for years. Together they formed FLOURISH SUMMIT, a one day strategic planning session to help Interior Designers get to the next level, it's happening at High Point Market in October. Work smart not hard, be profitable, work with your strengths, and delegate your weaknesses. Everything that makes sense, but you don't know how to implement.  

Now for the exciting part!  

One of their partners, Studio Webware, has decided to underwrite 15 Scholarship Tickets to the Flourish event!  If you're one of the first 15 people to fill out the online order form below, your ticket to the Flourish Summit is paid for by Studio Webware! All you have to do is pay a $49 materials fee to cover the cost of supplies. 
Here is the link to registration - Flourish And Profit   
It's only available to the first 15 people. If you still see an order form when you click, it means tickets are still available!! 
This is Jennifer Brouwer - Interior Designer extraordinaire!
She has had first hand experience with both Lisa and Gail, and has really connected the dots to her success and happiness! 

It pains me that I cannot attend this event because I won't be at High Point. But I cannot wait to hear the buzz about it.   

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