Scottish Islands by Chris Bushe


 Summer rain over Islay, oil on board , 45"x 40"   £8500

Day 1 in London, as you would imagine was a little crazy. We landed just before noon, and headed straight to the Lapada Art and Antiques Fair in Berkley Square. 1st Dibs was holding a luncheon there, and it was a must attend. As we rushed through the fabulous art and antique dealers to get to the second level, my heart skipped a few beats. Do we have to eat? Like now? I could have spent the entire afternoon wandering and chatting with knowledgeable dealers over beautiful paintings, sculptures, antique furniture and everything else. Luckily, we had some time afterwards to browse

The very first painting to catch my eye, was the one above, from Scottish artist Chris Bushe. It was on display through Panter & Hall Gallery, and was definitely worth all my admiration. The Paintings are inspired by various trips over the years Bushe made to Scottish Islands. "They are about the lure the western fringes of Scotland - the sense that you are on the very edge of Europe looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, with nothing between you and Canada." In the few short moments I spent with these works, I can tell you how incredibly captivating they are. The depth and colours are simply entrancing.

Summer Storm, Scarista, oil on board , 22"x20"    £1950
Late Summer Light, Lewis, oil on board , 36"x24",  £4000

Red Rocks Bay, Coll, oil on board. 32"x22"   £3250
Below are two others I snapped in person of Bushe's works at Lapada.

Summer Storm, Scarista , oil on board  22"x20"   £1950
Summer Shoreline, Oronsay, oil on board 22"x20"   £1950

I had to share the path to the fair with you. The setting was just breathtaking. 1st Dibs was incredibly generous to host a lunch that was not only delicious, but filled with stimulating conversation.

Images via Panter & Hall, and my own
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