Lugar do Cotariño, Spain


I am desperate for a trip to Spain.  I have never been, it's one the European stops I never made, and I long for  few weeks of it's culture, food and architecture.  When I stumbled on to this beautiful retreat, I was delighted to learn that it is in fact located in Spain, The owner originally bought the property to use as their private residence, but the architect convinced them they should turn it into a charming Hotel.  And indeed it is! Lugiar do Cotariño Hotel is a rustic relaxed retreat located in Galicia Spain.  Inside and out the property is filled with updated rustic charm.  Old stone walls, add to the historic charm while the crisp whites and clutter free style create a luxurious and tranquil space.  

Only seven rooms, including two suites, and two dining rooms, a living room and a lovely garden that smells of eucalyptus. If you have an hour to spare, visit their website, it isn't the greatest, but it has the most amazing music playing, and if you click on all the tabs, like surroundings or activities, you will start digging out the luggage! 

Found on HQ Room!
Thank the heavens for Google Translate, because it's in Russian! 

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