The New Villa


That very first image graced the cover of Elegant Homes, and needless to say, the magazine was mine.  The home belongs to architect Bill Bocken and his landscape architect partner Paul Adams.  They call it a new villa, because it's a contemporary twist on the traditional retreat! They designed a home around the outdoors, so that every room had an amazing view of the surrounding gardens, that also allowed for beautiful breezes and light to filter in.  Apparently they can't their guests to leave the kitchen or the Pavilion.

Images via Elegant Homes (My Scans) 

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  1. Isn't this the most beautiful thing ever??? I picked up my copy of of it yesterday ..... this is what tugged at my heart strings.

  2. anyone know where these barstools are from? who makes them? thanks!

  3. Does anyone know who makes these bar stools and where I can find them? Thanks!


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