London Story


You know that amazing glow you have when you've just returned from a place that has inspired you to no end? I have got it! Blog Tour London was fabulous. I had an incredible time getting to know each of the bloggers that shared this experience with me. It was a pleasure to watch how each of us were taking something different away from the show, as we each snapped photos of the things we were most drawn to. Modenus will be publishing a Blog Tour London magazine in the next few weeks, highlighting our posts and stories. And speaking of Modenus, Veronika Miller is one of the hardest working people I know. 
The Design festival in general was brilliant. Design shows across the city, each themed differently from modern, to emerging, ultra luxe, and antiques. There was a taste of everything, and some inspiration to take away every time.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of the incredible stories of beautiful art and design, and the people behind it. 

As we zoomed across this city from place to place, we captured glimpses of London's incredbile history and architecture, culture and vibe. 

My amazing new friends fron around the world!

This picture of Jen from Dec a Porter, sums up the excitement of the week!

Images via, My photos, Nyla Free, and Dec-a-Porter

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