Easy Elegance


I don't want to have to blame the kids for everything that I can't enjoy anymore, but the thought of slipping into a pencil skirt and stilettos lately, is painful!  I can't imagine running to the bus stop or driving them to birthday parties all fancied up! As a result, I have to work over my wardrobe, it's a mish mash of casual, and sophisticated.  I haven't transitioned very well.  So I am looking to get inspired by some casual looks.  Note there was period in my life, when I was anti jeans. (pre-children of course)  My friends thought I was nuts, but I have a full figure and jeans never looked that great on me, and so stressful to shop for. So it was dress pants and skirts for me.  Now, I am ready to spend a little more time on a couple of great pairs of jeans, and creating a look that still has the fancy, but keeps the comfy.  Let me know what your fave jeans are.

I think these looks are pretty fabulous! 

Images via dustjacket and pinterest

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