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There is something unquestionably special about European Design.  Their cities are some of the oldest in the world and boast incredible architecture and craftsmanship. And yet the general aesthetic of Europe has always been so forward and contemporary. Maybe being surrounded by all that old stuff, keeps them thinking forward to what is new and modern.  I remember first walking into my cousin's kitchen in Italy (like 20 years ago,... I was only 7:) and being floored by the fact that she chose kitchen cabinetry that had a beautiful blue washed finish to them. Who would have thought blue?  She had a rustic kitchen table that sat right in front of her cabinets that worked double duty as work space, and eating space. Where I did sit and eat.  It was fantastic. Not overdone, just a simple small kitchen, with white walls and blue cabinets. I started to look around.  Wall to wall carpet?  Non existent! Puffy sofa? No way, totally sleek and slim.  And yet, you looked out the window onto a gorgeous countryside, while the roads below were cobblestone.
I have never been to London. The journey is just a few days a way now and I am getting really excited about getting to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world, from a design perspective. What are they doing over there that we aren't? What trends will carry over to this side? As I review the itinerary, I browse 3 main design shows going on during the festival; Decorex, Tent London, and Design Junction. These shows exhibit manufacturers from all of Europe! I know that I won't get to see everything, but I can't wait to pack in a few solid days of pure design therapy. Here are just a few of the things I scouted on my pre-London prep.

Reed and Rackstraw
Parris Wakefield
Do they take preorders for this ridiculously beautiful pillow that has my name on it?


Tom Faulkner
(Most beautiful bone china, made in this killer cobalt blue!) 

Curiousa + Curiousa


You know what that is on the outside of these copper dishes?  
It's Verdigris!

A special Thank You I must extend to the wonderful people at Modenus;  Veronika, Tim and Erin. I can't wait to meet you! I just can't thank you enough for inviting me to be part of BlogTour London, and for partnering with an incredible group of sponsors.

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