Loft Love


I am back! Our weekend in Algonquin park was fabulous! We survived the great outdoors, and I  am feeling refreshed and inspired.  In fact, I am little anxious to plan our next adventure. August is already here, and in just a few weeks, Fall will grace us with it's warm colours and cool wind, and we will turn the page into a new season of design. I can hardly wait!

And look at what I stumbled upon.  How fantastic is this lofty space, that belongs to one of Barbara Westbrook's impressive team of designers, Elizabeth Hansen?  You know I just love when a designer breaks all the rules.  With the exception of the windows, and exposed ceiling, it would be hard to tell that this is actually a loft.  There is a mix of mid century modern, new Europe.and Scandinavian, for a real authentic and collected look.  It breaks the traditional interpretation of a loft, and leaves you with an instant at-home feeling. 

Elizabeth Hansen for Westbrook Interiors
Images via Atlanta Homes Mag

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  1. my eye always goes to the pop of green in the living plants!

    1. That is so funny, i was going to mention that in my post, but thought I was already writing too much. it's so rare to see plant life like that in interior editorials, and yet they have such a beautiful impact on a space.


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