Classic Comfort


You know I have a weakness for green, right?  How can you not when it looks as elegant as this.  This Florida home takes it's inspiration from the Bayou it looks over. Soft mossy greens, and smokey blues make a lovely palette.  A new construction, but with classic detailing; open floor plan, French doors, coiffured ceilings.  As sophisticated as it first appears, you kind of get the feeling there aren't a lot of rules for this home.  The furnishings are soft and welcoming, and the materials, feel like they can withstand some abuse.  I discovered this beauty on Traditional Home, and there are plenty more images to enjoy.  The architect on the job is Eric Watson, and interior design by  Phillip Sides Interior Design.

Images via Traditional Home

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  1. I love that green ottoman with the tacks!

  2. I have never considered green as a decor option until I came across the same in one of the site. Now I am in the process of doing up my living room with green decor. I have done up sofa and curtain. I need to buy few indoor plants as well.

  3. I love the pops of green. So elegant and pretty!

  4. Oh my goodness...that first image with the mirrors and the cool and calm...yum! Love it!


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