Own your Style



I popped into a store yesterday looking for an A-line, flared skirt, like the one in the first pic. A young sales person replied with, "They aren't in style anymore".  I almost burst in to laughter, and sarcastically replied "Really?"  She said, "Pencil skirts this year!"  It really got me thinking about my style, and how it's evolved over the years, but somehow not really changed. There is a big difference between someone who really owns their style, and someone who chases trends.  Both look good, but one stands out. Do you really care about what the latest hemline or pant length is, or do you just buy what you love?  Let's face it, skinny jeans are everywhere, I didn't wear them when they were in years ago, and  you won't see me in them any time in the future.  

Images via Temperley London, style.com

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