Just Add Colour!



It's spring! Even with the mild winter we had this year, you can still feel that turning point when one season ends and another begins.  I am loving colour more than ever, what I am not loving is making a commitment to one. Which is why I love the styling on this fabulous home. Not a whole lot you need to get rid of when you have a great foundation, just add colour! Let's start with the basic back drop of warm whites and golds. No heavy prints or bright fabrics for upholstered pieces.  The furnishings;  mid century modern, mixed with other classically tailored lines.  For personality a collection of coloured jars, plenty of turquoise accents, and of course a beautiful dose of greenery!

Details I adore: 
  • Check out the back splash on the kitchen.  What a beautiful graphic, traditional but updated,  and a change from glass, or marble.  
  • In the library there is a gold trim detail line surrounding the built ins and outlining the mouldings.
  • The round mirror.  It appears to be hanging from a metal latch!
  • That collections of coloured jars and the four awesome prints that surround the round mirror. 

Images via Cullman & Kravis

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