The Timeless Mix


You all know how blog reading goes right?  You start on a blog, then click through to another blog, then to a link, then to a designers portfolio, then to a magazine; and boom 2 hours have disappeared! That is pretty much how I landed into the portfolio of Jackye Lanham, (via Taylor Greenwalt)  Her style is rooted in tradition, but the mix is timeless.  The textile mix; neutrals paired with patterns and textures.  The material mix; wood, new and rustic mixed with wrought iron and metal.  It's all in the paring of new and old!  

And for those of you who love wrought iron as much as I do, isn't that round grill in the second image incredible?   I am inspired! 

All images from the portfolio of Jackye Lynham

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  1. I do the exact same thing - half the time I don't even remember how I ended up on the web site that I ended up on after clicking all the links that got me there!

    All of these rooms are so beautiful. I especially love the first one with the black steel framed window and the second one with the round wrought iron grill. Yes, it's incredible! And the arched door is pretty awesome too :-)


  2. exactly what i was doing, going here and there when i found you. losing precious time being inspired.
    yes, love the timeless mix and all the textures, differing woods and organic elements. C O Z Y!

  3. Hello there, I've been missing visiting you for a bit...but I'm back to say I love this post. Truly beautiful with so much inspiration for everyone.
    Have a lovely day !!

  4. Il est bon de retrouver vos oeuvres après plus de 6 semaines d'absence... Je rentre tout juste des Philippines...
    gros bisous

  5. I love her style.One of my favorite designers. Thanks for mentioning us.


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