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Have you noticed homes today, especially new ones, lack a formal living room.  I kind of agree that there is no real need for a formal space, unless you are doing a lot of "formal" entertaining. My idea of entertaining is very informal.  Come in, find a comfy spot; eat and drink.  I have to tell you that the lack of space is a draw back though.  I don't want it to be formal, just a great space, for reading, or great conversations, or just hanging out with a sandwich.  This is room by David Kleingberg is listed in the library section of his portfolio, and yes there are books, and you may do some reading here.  But it's so much more no?

All images via DKDA

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  1. It's funny, I was just at a friend's parent's home and they are pretty well off, anyways, their home is a massive beach front that has at least 6000 sq foot of living space. After dinner we actually "retired" into the library after eating. It blew my mind how one just sits and talks and perhaps reads in this room. I felt it was a little separate from the rest of the home. I grew up eating in our living room on tv tables or the coffee table. We had a dining room but we never ate there much unless we had company. That living room was a place to eat, watch tv, talk, read, cry, discuss, relax and sometimes sleep in. Loved it.

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