Royal Blue


Suzanne Kasler's spread in Veranda March 2012 is nothing short of a design lovers feast for the eyes and soul. Kasler's signature style plays to classic French embellishments with an updated twist on colour and modernism.  In this Atlanta home, she really infuses that formula.  The pictures I scanned don't quite jump out at you as they do in the magazine, but the spectrum of blues is heavenly.  From soft hues, to deep tones, paired with warm shades of gold and toffee.  Antiques? check.  Modern Art? Check. Drama? check!  The list keeps going.  Each room carries a touch of the other in it, so there is complete harmony.  Other things to adore include a custom built library with gold trim, scuffed blue leather Louis chairs in the kitchen, imported french doors, beautifully cast fireplace mantels, and an outdoor paradise!

This month's Veranda is a collector's.  This home alone, has enough beautiful details to keep you inspired for a lifetime. Alright, maybe a lifetime is extreme; I think it will probably take us to the end of summer..:-)

Images via Veranda
Interior Design Suzanne Kasler
Photography Thibault Jeanson
Interior detailing Thierry Francois, John Oetgen
Architecture Willaim T Baker

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