A Project and Some Pretty


The always sweet and very passionate Jennifer Brouwer, recently posted on her blog a collaboration between the two of us.  When she called me and asked if Anvil could help her incorporate some of her original designs into a shelter project she was working on, I was all in.  Above is a little side table she designed, in the only shade of yellow we had in stock; "Safety Yellow!"  Which is actually perfect because Yellow Brick House is a safe haven for homeless and battered women.  This is a sneak peak, but more exciting images to come soon.,   

On another note, my 5 year old is inspiring the artist in me. She received some fashion sketch books over the holidays, and I think I am having more fun than her.  These fabulous works are from Bella Pilar.  Mine pale in comparison, but actually aren't that bad for a first timer.  So I am thinking of starting a sketchbook series, so that I can push my self to perfect this craft. I actually sketch a good chunk of furniture throughout the week, so it will be a fun way to extend it to new levels. I can't wait to show you!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Images via Jenn Brouwer and Bella Pilar

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