Plush Seats


  Lately I have been thinking of plush seating, tufted cushions and elegant lines! I am not sure what it is going to turn into, but i have a feeling something special will be in the works.  A mix of elegant iron legs, with a beautifully tufted top perhaps...

Images via Pinterest,( Decorpad & Phoebe Howard) 

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  1. i love a plush seat.
    i have a sofa [slip covered white]
    in my showroom the is a bench seat
    and you sink into it.

    it is where if i were to take a nap at work....
    i would close the front window draperies and drift off to dreamland
    while it enveloped me.

    it's so yummy.

    your examples are stunning.


  2. love the bookshelves in the first shot, and the chair, lighting and pretty much everything else!

  3. Perfect! I am all for plush seating for endless chats, reading and the occasional movie marathon!
    Just delightful!

  4. Ah what a great post, something plushy and comfortable on these cold winter days. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Love the chairs and the ottoman.Beautiful image!


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