For the Ladies


I am going girlie this week. Consider yourself warned. It's the week of love and romance! My 5 yr old had me cutting out paper hearts and printing pretty pink pictures to hang all over her room. Keep in mind I tried to keep her away from all the typical girlie stuff when she was born. No pink clothes, or toys, her nursery was blue. Her room today is a lovely green, with hints of hot pink. Yesterday she begged me for a pink room. I am kind of loving that she is jumping right in and surrounding herself with all these lovely little touches that she adores.

Of course who else can deliver pink with sophistication but Suzanne Kasler, I believe these rooms are all her work.  They are grown up, but really appeal to the little girl in you. I think what I love the most is that they are completely selfish.  My husband would likely not be wandering anywhere near a room like this, and neither would my son, unless he was blowing it up with one of his giant transformers.  Not for everyone, but beautiful no?

First image is actually Gerrie Brenermann, Suzanne Kasler follows, 
Images Via Country Living, and House Beautiful.

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