Think Tank


I need a new "think tank".  When we reno'd the basement, we created an open laundry studio, with plenty of storage and a small desk for my notebook and scanner.  It is presently covered in red and silver glitter, along with fashion sketches from a 5 year old, and six or seven Hot Wheels cars.  Hence my desire for a new plan.  I think I might be able to fit something in our living room.  Am I aksing for trouble?

Images via House and Home, Style at Home and House Beautiful

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  1. love the way you put it.. I need a new think tank too..

  2. The thought of making a clean office space like the ones in these images is very attractive. Hope you can work out where to put the hot weels cars;)

  3. I'll take the first office to go please!! I just love the soft muted colors and the contrast with the black.

  4. I think everyone needs their personal little space, even if its just a big desk but even better if its your own office. I think if its something like a secretary where you can close it up if need be, would be ideal.....good luck!

  5. Très jolie publication.
    Gros bisous

  6. I am going to be working on my office this month. So looking forward to it. Love the images you shared.

  7. I just tried commenting but not sure if it went through? Good luck with this - maybe you could make a play area right beside your desk? Then you can over see the glitter and cars?
    Good luck!

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