A Meetup and a Thank You


 It's been a busy January.  Next week Toronto is going to be buzzing with design inspiration, with a number of events that are centered around the Interior Design Show.  I have been quite busy myself, not just with some amazing furniture projects, but planning one of those events. The 3rd Canadian Design Blogger Meetup is taking place on Saturday January 28th at Brassaii.  This one promises to be super exciting.  With overwhelming support from sponsors, and a fabulous trio of Guest Speakers, including, Cameron MacNeil, Senior Design Editor at House and Home, Lisa Murphy Online Director at House and Home, and all the way from Seattle Cassandra LaValle of the beautiful blog Coco+Kelley.  You can catch all the hi-ligths on our blog!  Although, registration is full, there is a small wait list that I am sure we can make room for.

I also managed to squeeze in a little guest post over at Vanessa's blog, Decor Happy.  Thanks for the invitation to join these fab bloggers,  It seems, Amy of Eye See Pretty, Christine of the Glam Blog and I were all thinking of organizing one thing this January.  Pop over and find out! 

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