Sun Kissed Colour


I know you are all going to love this as much as I do.  The orange glow in the dining room, the gray wash in the kitchen, that amazing light fixture over the dining table, and the scattering of traditionally framed artwork.  It's like a checklist of fabulous features. 

Interior Design by Chad Eisner, featured in House Beautiful

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  1. Dans l'ensemble de vos photos, je suis en amour à chaque fois d'un objet, d'un meuble... Une publication pleine de charme.
    gros bisous

  2. That coffee table in the first photo is to-die-for, isn't it? House Beautiful never disappoints!

  3. This home's interiors really do glow. The kitchen cabinets are an unexpected pretty color too. I'm taking a short break from painting my french doors a dark purple gray and was encouraged to see the french doors in this house are painted something besides white.

  4. oops - guess they are white. At first glance I thought they were a light pumpkin color!


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