Snow Fall


Picture perfect, indeed!
You likely won't find me trotting around snow filled hills in these luxury goods, but they do make a great picture. The setting is in Utah, and the clothes are particularly fabulous.  And I, in fact, may truly enjoy a good old fashioned sleigh ride. But you will more than likely see me wearing these warm looks  in a snow covered city.

Despite the mild weather, Christmas won't be the same without that pristine white blanket that covers the ground. Here's to a hearty snowfall on Christmas Day!

Images Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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  1. Des photos éblouissantes et féeriques... Un bel hommage à Dame Hiver.
    Gros bisous

  2. Wow I don't look like THAT when I venture into the snow...makes the most luxurious pictures, the perfect white fluffy stuff!! Beautiful and oh so glamorous.

  3. Oh these are amazing! I'm not quite sure how they inspire me but they do. Is it the horse? The models beautiful outfit? The photography? No it must be the snow, in all it's glory. Gosh I hope we get a white Christmas this year.

  4. Wow! That first photograph is amazing! I love the horse and her hat! Thanks for sharing this!:)

  5. Now these were striking images. Just beautiful...


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