Gone Shopping


The two-week count down is on.  I was out most of the weekend searching for the perfect gifts, and my feet are just killing me today.  I am in jeans and runners at the office.  I wish I could tell you it resulted in as much success as this lovely lady, but I can't.  I still have a few major stops to make, before I can say I am done.  I'll tell you what I missed though, shopping with my girlfriends.  It's been a long time since we just went out and hit a mall together, had lunch and splurged on ourselves; which used to be one of our favorite pass times.  I am not sure we can squeeze an excursion in before the holidays, but we did book High Tea at the Windsor Arms in January.  Maybe we can shop them, minus the holiday stress.

Hope you are off to a great week.  Images found on a lovely little blog called Demoiselle.

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