A Beautiful Bed


I am resurrecting this image from the archives because it is by far one of my favorite inspiration shots.  My bedroom is in desperate need of some love.  Working in the furniture industry makes is really hard to commit.  I want to practice what I preach which is to buy with longevity in mind, but at the same time. when I see beautiful pieces that I have easy access too, it becomes very tempting.

This photo has long been an inspiration of mine. The trick is to make it feel the same using what I have and a few new touches.  I love the idea of mounting iron hardware from the ceilings.  I love the weight of the fabric around the bed, and velvety blue.  Are canopy beds overrated?  I am convinced I will have more rest full sleeps.

Photo from the exceptional Madeleine Stewart

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  1. Love everything about it...totally beautiful. Only problem could be getting out of it in the morning:)

  2. As I am still looking for inspiration for my newly to be decorated bedroom, a project in the making, I think I have found a match! Gorgeous!
    I have been sleeping in a fourposter for all my married life and cannot imagine anything else. It's protecting me, covering me and giving me the room to live a life of romance!

  3. That definitely is a beautiful bed. I agree, the canopy just makes it seem very calm and restful. Love the linens mixed with the velvet blue.

  4. I love Madeline Stewarts work. She is very talented.

  5. There is something lovely and 'nesty' about a draped 4 poster bed....
    I love mine!

  6. What a fabulous bedroom! I love how the colors go together so well. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx


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