Show Some Restraint


This is one of those, "I'll move right in" moments. That wonderful contrasting palette of rich woods mixed with pale fabrics always wins me over.  And although I like to spread out in a kitchen, I actually don't mind this galley that hides away the mess, when it's dinner time or when entertaining..  I think the ceiling mounted drapery panels around the bed, is my solution to the canopy without replacing the entire bed.   

I am off to start another exciting week. Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

Image via Traditional Home

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  1. Une très belle demeure... Gros bisous

  2. I can see why you could move right into this space. I love the dinning room. The dark table with the over stuffed chairs are wonderful. This designer has created so much interest with just using a few colors and textures.

  3. That bench in the first photo is beautiful! Thanks for the pretty pictures on a Monday morning!


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