A Thankful Day!


Happy Thanksgiving Friends!
It has been a beautiful warm weekend, and we have been out enjoying  it. The fall colours are fabulous, and I have been thinking about bringing as much in from the outside as possible.  I love the idea of finding a rogue branch filled with bright red leaves, and placing it in an over sized vase.  We were out hiking yesterday, and I didn't find anything suitable, and breaking a branch didn't seem right.  So no decorative leaves indoors just yet.  But we did stumble a cross a massive turtle along our path.  Just hanging out, basking in the sun.  It was just that kind of day!

Images Via Martha Stewart

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  1. LOVE this rustic chic - so beautiful!! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!

  2. So chic and perfectly vintage. The walls and wood ceiling add great detail!

    Jamie Herzlinger

  3. Very pretty pictures! Of course I am always drawn to the lighting--great antler chandeliers. I recently had the opportunity to visit Jackson Hole and saw antlers used in many different ways.

    Warm Regards, Cindy

  4. Autumn decor is just perfect... Great photos(especially love the table setting)!


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