Serenity in the Hills


Owners of the Summer Hill Furniture company, Don and Rela Gleason, partnered with McAlpine Tankersley to create this incredibly serene home in Napa Valley.  A rustic but elegant setting, the design style follows the modern philosophy that less is more.  Architectural details, steel windows, antique and newly customized furnishings fall on a white canvas, highlighting their sophisticated details.  The home is a vast retreat with three pavilions that are joined by breeze ways.  With all it's space, they comprised a plan to keep the structure only one room deep when possible.  Which not only allows for incredible  light, but also keeps the spaces quaint.  The master bath, is a pavilion in itself.  What it lacks in a quaint and private retreat, it makes up for in a breathtaking elegant escape.

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  1. The kitchen is VERY retro... Digging the thick stainless tops though.

  2. La cuisine avec ses beaux luminaires me plaît beaucoup... Ainsi que la salle de bain. Il doit être bon de sortir de la douche et de recevoir la chaleur douce d'un bon feu de cheminée...
    Gros bisous

  3. This is just beautiful. I could move right in!

  4. Fabulous design, with materials so well suited for the Napa Valley. I would not expect anything less from the McAlpine firm.

  5. Living in Napa? Yes please! Very beautiful home.

    All the best, Cindy


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