Eco Chic - Green Companies that choose not to let you know about it!


Did you know there are companies out there that are Green, but choose not to advertise it?

Okay now I am confused! For the world is constantly saying we are in a green movement and we want manufactures to be more eco and offer more environmentally friendly products. Yet some manufacturers, choose not to say so because they are afraid of the consumer within this movement. Now for someone who has been writing blogs solely on the premise of unveiling companies with their mind games and clever green marketing words;  I'm now a bit dumbfounded on the fact that there are companies out there that purposely do not use green marketing terminologies as their corporate advertising plan. I can’t disclose the one company that just blew me out of the water when I learned all about their strike environmental procedures and protocol’s they must follow, but I can tell you they are a huge global company.

So why keep this a secret from your consumers? Well for them it was the matter of liability and the awareness that the information would attract more attention, questions, concerns and discussions, which in term would create more issues and back lash. They feel that advertising this information at such an infant stage of the movement would cause consumers to find things to complain about, and have a reason to create legal matters; they are an easy target being such a popular company. (i.e. you said this was environmentally friendly, with no VOC’s, however now I have a rash and the doctor says it is fatal and linked to the fabric used in your product. A bit much but you get the picture.) 

In one sense I completely understand where they are coming from, however I am more than upset that a company would feel they have to hide this information due to consumers trying to stir a trouble pot. In a world where we are supposed to be supporting and finding new ways to protect our health and environment, we as consumers are also being labelled as tainting the movement due to demanding more than what can be offered. Which raises the question, are consumers expecting too much when it comes to environmentally friendly products?  I will agree with every fad, movement or issue, there are the small few that cause problems and ruin it for everyone else, we have all been subjected to this. However how do the non-problematic consumers out way the scale so that we can fairly be aloud to have all the information we want on environmentally materials that the company uses within their products?

Well, I unfortunately must relay the message that the problematic consumer is still in the lead and we are forced to read labels and dig for information. So next time you go shopping and look or be drawn in, by the eco label, read every label, you might be surprised the non advertised eco label may use natural or organic fibers. Or that FSC or LEED certified woods are used within the pieces, water base solutions or soy base materials might even be found, and the big one that it might actually be manufactured locally. As mentioned in my other blogs we can not trust the marketers and their eco campaigns, which reiterates my point even further:  the fact that we have to be smart consumers and be willing to educate ourselves. So make sure to do your research and be willing to figure out what companies are not telling you, good or bad!

Stay green and until next time,


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