The Draped Bed


This bedroom pictures has been in my inspiration gallery for years, and I never tire of it! I adore the warmth of the creamy linen, the velvety blue, and turmeric yellow.  The weight of the draping on the canopy bed is so luxurious, and the drama of that over sized bench is so romantic.  Mmm.. imagine sleeping in on a  crisp fall Sunday morning,  

I am off to enjoy a busy Saturday! Hope your having a great day.

Photo via Madeleine Stuart

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  1. Love it, its elegant but not fussy, and so inviting, like I can imagine hanging out there on a weekend morning with the paper or a good book, my coffee, hubby and it!

  2. I am now obsessed with this bed/room. I love the deep turquoise notes and the night stands the most, I think. Also, I have decided I can no longer live without a curtained bed. Wish me luck convincing the hubs!



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