A Bright Future


Some homes just have a great story.  This one is about a homeowner with a vision that extended past the Georgian homes purchase condition.  One year of renovation and sourcing later, this young family home has a vibrant and exciting life to it!  Enlisting the help of designer friend Kay Douglass, they set out to transform.  The green curtains set the tone for the entire house.  Shades of white and grey cover the walls, while the fun plays out in the colour and scale of furnishings and accessories. They yellow bathroom that belongs to the homeowner daughter, was the risk that paid off.  Although I couldn't see myself putting make up in there, it would be a fun mix up in any home!

Image and story details:
Interior Design: Kay Douglas
Architects: Phillip Trammell Shutze
Photography: Mali Azima
Story: Veranda

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