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Just when you think you are sold on the all white kitchen, House Beautiful's kitchen of the year, is in dark contrast!  This cluttered kitchen is not my typical style, with and abundance of overhead lighting and hanging pots and pans, even the counter is stacked with appliances.   But there is something magical about this beautifully collected space.  The fabric on the dining chairs, is fabulous.  Why decide on a colour or pattern, when you can use them all.  It even has a little chalk board nook, and a kids table.  Is this the mom in me screaming, "I'll take function"? Probably. 

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    Dang, and I was all settled on getting a new white kitchen! This one's gorgeous.

    Suzy xxx

  2. Absolutely love everything about it, its so rich with textures and interest a truly beautiful room.

  3. Love everything in this kitchen. The mix match fabrics on the chairs are so creative. Love!

  4. Oh my goodness ...... this space is so lovely!!! I could sit here all day staring at this. I do have to admit that House Beautiful is one of my all time favorite magazines. I seem to just want to melt into every space they publish.

  5. I just posted this kitchen the other day's really got me hooked! It's risen to the top of my inspiration files for my future kitchen. I'm with you on less clutter, but the color scheme is so stunning, bold and fresh, yet also timeless enough, that I think I'll love it for a long time! It's a new classic, I think...

  6. Isn't this Tyler Florence's room? I think it is influenced by the fact that he is a chef and a dad. His son, as I recall is very much involved in preparing family meals. This kitchen has all the tools Tyler needs along with a family friendly, not-too-precious space. All the while, this kitchen has a unique style and texture that appeal to many of us.

  7. Une belle publication... Plusieurs choses ont attiré mon attention.
    gros bisous


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