Sail Away


Allow me to dream for a moment. I have long desired to travel on ancient waters and experience a culture so rich in history, that you can do nothing else but succumb to the power of the Divinity and your small place in it. I speak of the Nile,the longest river in the world, and the foundation of Egyptian civilization.  The waters are calm and comforting and the journey transcends all time and space.  What better way to explore these waters than on a boat designed with that in mind.  The Sun Boat 111 belongs to the exclusive luxury travel company Abercrombie and Kent, and was designed by Egyptian interior designer Shahira Fahmy.  Instead of the typical travel boat finishes, she chose to create a space that was more reminiscent of the homes it's guests are accustomed too.  Since the waters of the Nile are so calm, she could use delicate finishes of glass and porcelain, as well as elegant furniture. Now tell me, wouldn't this be an incredible escape from the ordinary?

Images and design story at AD. 

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