In the Balance


A delightful mix of traditional and modern can be found in this residence located in Mirror Lake, Minneapolis. A crisp clean white palette complimented by the warm tones of mid century furnishings create a delicate balance of elegant and informal living.  The floor plan incorporates sunken rooms and soffited ceilings to divide interior spaces and maintain the open floor plan.  The design team behind this home is Charlie & Company, and there portfolio boasts an incredible collection of homes that follow the signature of traditional exterior meets clean aesthetic.  

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  1. Serenity and cool attitude with a Scandinavian touch. So dashing !
    Fidji from Irresistibleparis

  2. Always am drawn to those neutral colors, the whites and beiges, just beautiful and so soothing.

  3. So relaxing and sophisticated. Love the color palette and the wonderful kitchen!!

  4. Beautiful spaces! Have a great day!!

    xo Lynda

  5. Beautiful - love those gorgeous saddle leather couches - and the large scale tufting on those and the bench in the bathroom!!

  6. Love it. Classic & modern blend of sophistication.
    This is so funny for a few months I have had an
    icon on my desk top of C& C's portfolio. Just put it in a folder, yesterday.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. A lovely home that incorporates many wonderful ideas, BUT the many level changing steps are accidents waiting to happen for visitors and even those familiar with the floor plan who are distracted--especially older people as we have discovered with our own family and friends.

  8. Ahhh so beautiful. I want to move right in to that first photo!

  9. What a beautiful space...I love how it has a bit of can often see lttle around a corner, behind the fireplace that separates the two main living areas, etc....but not everything, so it always holds a bit of mystery and interest! I'm off to view their portfolio!

  10. What beautiful soothing rooms. I love that first one especially am a neutral kinda gal anyway.


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