Farmhouse in Spain


Yesterday I was in France and today I am in Spain.  It's the like the European tour I never got the chance to do.  Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, and my heart has definitely led me to this little piece of heaven.

I have journeyed to Europe a few times, but much to my dismay never made it to Spain.  Although this Villa is in the south, and not close to your typical hot spots, it is located in the mountainous Andalusia region, close to Morocco, and just an hour away from the coast.  This converted farmhouse is breathtaking, with it's old barn beams, and terracotta floor, crisp linens and antique furniture.  It's warm and comforting in every way, and invites you in to experience another side of life.  La Huerta Del Noque is a private villa rental that can accommodate 12 guests all year,  and has all amenities and more,  like horseback riding or Flamenco evenings.   I would love to spend September here. 

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  1. What a charming and inviting house...

    It looks so serene,
    a perfect place to stay for some rest,
    contemplation, and relaxation. I love the finish of their wood furniture, the floors, and the big comfy chairs.

  2. Gorgeous and relaxing! Every inch of it.

  3. How beautiful!! I have never been to Spain either - I have always tended to go where I knew at least a bit of the language and I know not a word of Spanish! Every single one of these images is the epitome of casual chic!!

  4. What a beautiful farmhouse. Never been to Spain but its high on my bucket list!

  5. Ahhh so good, my favourite palette and so casual and inviting. I want to sink in to that chair in the first pic!


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