Beautiful Belgium


Over the past few years, I have been more drawn to the natural beauty of Belgium. The design scene certainly has a lot to do with it, as some of my favorite homes are  Belgian homes,  It's kind of the perfect mix of classic french and Scandinavian design  And I admit it's the style I am most drawn to because it's a little less pretentious.  Architectural Digest recently featured this property in Belgium, a 50 acre estate that was recently renovated under the direction of Axel Vervoordt.  The grounds are pristine, and were landscaped by the firm Wirtz International.  The full features is a glimpse into paradise..  Recently Brooke of Velvet and Linen, took a little trip to Belgium, and visited a fellow blogger, Greet of Belgian Pearls, and her posts were amazing, from the countryside to  the design discoveries. Stay tuned friends, you'll be seeing more of my Belgian discoveries.

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