Peonies In Bloom


I am l in love with my garden.  This morning I sat outside to enjoy my coffee by the flowers and decided to take a few pictures.  The peonies are in full bloom. I have been enjoying them for just over a week now.  I cut a few so I could enjoy their beauty and fragrance indoors as well. My mother's peonies are pink, so I took some of hers to add a little colour to my bouquet. Aren't they beautiful?  Hope you had a great weekend, and are having a happy Monday!

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  1. I bought some blush coloured peonies on the weekend, they have such a lovely fragrance!

    Have a great week! Looking forward to the 25th!


  2. They're beautiful, shame I don't have any in my garden - I have to rely on the florist ;-) I really liked the look of the party in your last post too, very elegant. Love from London xo

  3. The peony is my absolute fav flower! Gorgeous. A bouquet in my condo fills the entire space with such a wonderful scent.

    Happy Monday to you too!

  4. MMmmmmm the smell is divine and peonies are my favorite flower, especially the white kind with a touch of pink in the middle.

  5. Lovely!! My peonies were spectacular this year as well although the short season is already over here :-((( Now waiting for the emergence of the hydrangea! Wishing you a wonderful Monday!!

  6. Picture perfect and the white is so gorgeous...I can almost smell them:)

  7. So beautiful! I love peonies. Our peony season was cut a little short this year due to the weather. Thanks so much! Best for a great week.

  8. Rien de plus délicat que des pivoines et les vôtres sont particulièrement belles... j'aime aussi leurs senteurs subtils... qui, les yeux fermés, vous ouvrent les portes de Dame Printemps.
    Gros bisous.


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