Twist on Tradition


This is my kind of colour! The two vases flanking the gilded mirror set the tone for a refreshing colour palette.  The mix of old and new never disappoints the design obsessed.  Featured in Atlanta homes Magazine, this home was designed by a designer who was dating the homeowner.  They say if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger, which was clearly the case.  By the end of the project, designer Alison Womjack was engaged!  And what a place to call home!   

Hand painted Paul Montgomery paper.  The beautiful images of birds and flowers in a soft and subtle palette is irresistible. 

Featured in Atlanta Homes Magazine, this home is a continuous collaboration of the new and fresh design mixed with antiques and classic lines. The family room below is the surprise room, with it's warm woodwork, natural wood finished antique mirror.  One of my favorite colour combinations is jade green and cognac orange, and this home carries those colours from soft to bold just beautifully.  Photos by Emily Followill.

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