Let's Celebrate: Rustic Bistro


I think most of you will agree, that when the last signs of winter disappear, it appears a new reason to celebrate arrives. As it should! Warmer months make for some great parties. Outdoor grilling, refreshing cocktails, open space, and lush gardens make for simplified but splendid parties. Although we like to call them no fuss, a good party has some fuss. Whether its taking the time to style a table, or a sophisticated menu. A little effort always pays off. I love it when my guests notice little details. A napkin ring, a new recipe, flower arrangements, a delectable assortment of cheeses; it's all the little touches that make it an invitation to celebrate!

This Rustic chic Bistro reception is one of my favorites,  The styling is so inviting.  The details are impeccable. Look at the live edge of the dining table below, the mix of metal chairs, potted plants instead of traditional florals, they make the party feel so relaxed.  Have a glass a wine, crack a walnut, relax.  Although it appears this was casually pulled together, rest assured much planning and thought went into it! And I am certain, this was a delightful celebration!

All images from Style Me Pretty, you can find more amazing photos

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